Rolling Track Systems for Sliding Glass Doors

Rolling systems that come in three styles: MODA, PURA and VOLA, for 8mm or 10mm full glass doors.

Silent move rollers run visibly on a 25.5mm bar.

Single Door System Track length 2000mm or 2500mm

Double Door System Track length 4000mm

DISTANCE TECNIK - A matching distance profile option for installtion on walls that have skirting and/or architrave up to 18mm


Pura tracks for sliding full glass doors


Pura is a contemporary design with fixings through drillings in the glass. Silent move rollers run on a 25.5mm bar.
Rotella Rondo tracks for sliding full glass doors


Vola is an eye catching design with fine polished stainless steel surfaces and soft radii. Vola is for fixing through the glass. The silent move rollers run on a 25.5mm bar
Rolling tracks for single full glass doors

Single Door Systems

Rolling tracks for full glass double doors

Double Door Systems

Rolling track systems for full glass single doors

Single Door Systems

TOTAL OPENING or PARTIAL OPENING - dependent on handle choice and Distance Tecnik

sliding glass door with distance tecnik