Hinge Types for Full Glass Doors and Frameless Glass Doors

Hinges for full glass doors fit in a similar way to hinges for a normal timber door. This means that a wood door can be easily replaced with a glass door as the existing frame would remain in place. The door would also be fitted with a special glass door latch and handle so that it would close in the same way.

Frameless glass doors fit directly into the wall reveal. The hinges are either fixed to the wall 'glass to wall' or pivot at the top and bottom. The door can be pushed and pulled both inwards and outwards. This type of door is usually fitted with pull bar handles.

The type you would select depends on how you want to use the door(s) and also the size/weight of the glass.

The same hinges are used for both single doors and for double doors.


diagram of a full glass door installation

Plan view of a Full Glass Door

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Full glass doors close into a rebate like a timber door. The hinges fit in the rebate in a similar way. The doors either have lever handles or pull handles and a roller latch. Double (French) doors would have a latch on the main door and a glass door keep on the other. This door would also be fitted with a bolt.

diagram of a frameless glass door installation

Plan View of a Frameless Glass Door

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Swinging in both directions, these hinges are for fixing frameless glass doors directly into the wall reveal. The doors are usually fitted with pull handles as the strength of the hinge will keep the door in place when closed. These hinges self close from between 15 and 80 degrees, dependant on the hinge. They will also 'hold open' at right angles.