Glaswerk was formed to offer a service, diversity of product choice and a quality that is second to none.
Other companies offer glass doors, but with a limited choice of glasses and maybe a handful of hardware options. These often look bland and industrial. At Glaswerk we have worked to create a range of products where quality and aesthetics are paramount.
Yes, this is the easiest way to install a glass door. You would use the Full Glass Hinged Doors TYPE 1 option for both single doors and double doors.
Our hinges will fit any standard rebate from 35mm upwards and we also include cushion seal for your frame.
The same principles apply for these too. All you need is some additional hardware: a matching glass door strike box for the latch/lock and bolts.
To get a good fit, your frame needs to be square and plumb. If your frame is in poor condition or out of square by more than 5mm, then you will need to install a new frame. We have a range of frame options in our Door Set section.
For this you would use the Hinged Door Opening One Way fitting and hinge type, but you would use any of the pull bar options or pull knob options that are shown in the Double Action (Both Ways) Doors section. As the hinge wont be the self closing type, you will also need a roller catch. The roller catch is installed into the frame and keeps the door shut.
For this you need to look at our Frameless Glass Hinged Doors TYPE 2 option. There are several types of hinge to choose from and a selection of pull bar handles. This type of door and hardware is for fitting into a wall reveal for a very contemporary look. This suits both single doors and double doors. The most popular hinge is the 'glass to wall' type.
Yes. You use the same hinges and handles, but you also put a stopper at the top to restrict the door to only opening the way that you want.
Each section of our website includes a guide on how to give the measurements that we would need in order to make your glass door. The measurements are always the 'tight sizes' and the opening needs to be fully finished, including the floor coverings. Please don't make any clearance allowances yourself - we will make the necessary adjustments according to your hardware choice. If you are unsure of anything, please speak to us and we will be happy to guide you.
In the UK, glass in critical areas, such as doors, has to comply with safety regulations. All glass at Glaswerk is either toughened or laminated and exceeds all the safety requirements.
We offer glass from a MINIMUM of 8mm thickness, and the edges are arrised and polished for a professional finish.
Sandblasted/Satin glass is treated with a protective coating to resist staining so that fingerprints, splashes etc are easy to clean.
The most popular glass choices are clear and satin. Satin is a popular option for ensuite bathrooms as it offers both light and privacy.
To give a cost, we will need to know some basic information. The cost will change according to the glass size and hardware choice. Each section has a guide on measuring and choosing the appropriate accessories etc. In additional, we will also need to know the postcode for the delivery.
Our glass is cut, drilled and toughened in the UK. Our hardware comes from Italy and Germany. We do not use product from the Far East.
Glass door hardware comes in many qualities. Good quality hardware is expensive. All our hinges, pull bars, handles, locks etc are specifically made to be used with full size, regularly used doors. We are proud of our products, and our website includes technical information and drawings. We recommend that you ask other suppliers to provide the same information for their products so that you can make a direct comparison.
We use the terms 'full glass door' and 'frameless glass door' to differentiate between the opening or installation types.
The term 'full glass door' is used when the glass is installed into a standard timber frame or lining with a rebate/stop, in the same way as a timber door would be.
The term 'frameless glass' is used when the glass is installed into a wall reveal - without a frame. The reveal can be plaster, tile, stone etc or even lined with timber