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GLASWerk - about us

GLASWerk was formed to offer a unique service and product range for discerning residential clients where quality and aesthetics are paramount. We have worked to put together a diverse range of product options that is second to none.

On the Continent glass doors have been used in interior home design for very many years, with almost every home in Italy and Germany having at least one glass door. In the UK though we have tended to think of them as merely functional, commercial type elements with bland commercial style hardware. However, this doesn't have to be the case.

With the correct choice of glass and hardware a door should integrate into the living space as a piece of furniture, whilst still serving it's functional purpose. For example, a clear glass door can define spaces without dividing them. Opaque glass can retain light in a room whilst affording privacy. Sliding and folding systems can make a difference where space is at a premium.

Each bepoke GLASWerk door is made to your individual requirements. The result is a stunning finish as unique as you are.